Selecting a package

When you click on the shopping cart you will see two tabs, one for standard products and another for packages. If you want a package select it first then choose your photos. As you choose your images the 'slots' fill up in your selected package.

Downloading images

When you choose images to download it takes a short while for the order to process, then you can download your images. You will also be sent an email and a password from Julie Crowley Photography. You can log in at any time with these details to access your images and download them or follow the links from the email.

Your digital downloads are made available in ZIP format. Each ZIP file downloaded will contain the image purchased and relevant licensing information for the image(s). In most cases, your desktop / laptop machine should have it's own extracting software to help you unzip the downloaded products.

Images will be print quality cropped to 8x12 inches / 3600x2400pix / 300dpi / sRBG

How to purchase and download digital images from my website

Firstly you need to purchase the images by going to your schools gallery on my website

Click on Client Access

Find your gallery

Enter password

Select the digital package you want to purchase first, then select your images.

Once you have paid a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Look for an email from me that has a subject ‘welcome

Find your password

Then go to my website and click ‘login’ located under search on homepage.

Enter your email address and password.

Once you are logged in click on your name and a window will appear with your previous orders.

You’ll be able to click on the order and the details will come up.

Then in the top righthand corner there is a button which says ‘go to downloads’. Click on this button then you’ll see the images and a button to download.

I have another question - please help me!

I will do my best to solve any problem and answer any query but quite often I can't answer my phone during the day. Please call me if it's urgent otherwise send an email which I will check and reply to at the end of the day